Cape Racing Yachts was born out of the desire to build high quality, affordable racing yachts that would appeal to the everyday Corinthian sailors who sail for the joy of the sport, yet still want to participate in high profile races in a quick yacht that can cope with transoceanic conditions.

Many owners have limited time on the water, they want to enjoy every sail and do not want to be burdened with the hassle of gathering a large crew before being able to cast off. 

This is why we optimise our yachts to be able to give high performance and yet be comfortably sailed single handed or with limited crew.

Our philosophy is based on four focus areas namely safety, speed, ease of sailing and fun.  We want our owners to be able to enjoy every sailing experience and still to be equipped with a boat that is capable of sailing over the horizon in safety and be powerful enough to challenge the skipper and delivering pleasing boat speed.

Our location allows us to take advantage of the large pool of skilled yacht builders who have cut their teeth in Cape Town’s thriving yacht building industry.  In addition we are blessed with world class support industries such as Sail Makers, North and Ullman (formerly (Quantum) and carbon mast builder, Southern Spars plus numerous other ancillary services.

It is our policy to partner with well-known yacht designers, who know the market well and can translate the Cape Racing Yacht philosophy into a robust yacht design that will perform well in a broad range of conditions.

Our first project, a Class 40 designed by Owen Clarke Design, fits in neatly with the goals stated above.


Cape Racing Yachts, born in the Cape of Good Hope, developing safe, fast, easy to sail and fun yachts that appeal to owners who seek challenging, hassle free sailing.